World Map Wall Decal Beautify Standard Powder Room Layout

What makes a powder room space which applies world map wall decal masculine or feminine? What sets up this standard? Is it the details or the color tones? Many elements can create a distinction that sets a masculine and feminine design apart from each other. However, it does not mean that women are unwelcome in masculine room designs and vice versa.  Designers must ensure that each of these designs is comfortable for the other gender to be in, especially for personal rooms such as the powder space.


With masculine style designs, we often think that the standard pattern is to have a room with dark color spectrums and dark colored furnishing such as world map wall decal. They are chosen specifically to have a very simple design that evokes a sensation of strength and boldness. Metallic colors such as silver is widely used in this kind of decor and lighting are usually not kept to be too vibrant. Such is the powder room design example from the Houzz. The bathroom opens to a large space with gray tiles and white and metallic framing. The bathroom also has metallic bathroom features and dark colored wooden furniture.

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Feminine designs on the other hand are bolder when it comes to using brighter colors. Pinks, whites, and bright spring colors are often used to bring a lighter and cheerful feminine atmosphere. Intricate and elegant decorations made of glass such as chandeliers and glass compartments are also a great touch. Feminine designs also tend to have a more elaborate accessories design.  Some of these designs are floral designs. plant-next-to-white-bathtub-venetian-blind-small-shower-cabin-minimalist-bathroom-vanity

Take example from the floral wallpaper design from Leland Interiors. The feminine bathroom design employs some marble tiling and very brightly colored furniture. All of the cupboards are painted white and topped with a white marble and brass accessories and finish. The wallpaper of the powder room interior design with world map wall decal is patterned with white Sakura blossoms against a blue background.

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