Pottery Barn Knock Off As Modern Additional Decoration

Enjoy at home by sitting in pottery barn knock off is great idea to do. You can enjoy your moment here with your family or with you guest while you have a small talk. It is going to be your amazing furniture at home because it gives natural sense. You can place in living room or kitchen, even you have mini bar you can arrange it there. It is totally suitable for leisure time anywhere at home. An inspiring idea comes from bar stools which makes your home stands out.

diy pottery barn

You need to know that pottery barn knock off is amazing thing for your home furniture. It is actually simple to make because you need pottery and wood as the main material. Bamboo, mahogany and oak wood are used commonly since it has good durability and easy to paint. Woven bamboo or is main point here, exactly in the main stool or stool cushion if available. You can design without bamboo if you don’t like, but still use pottery and wood. It is up to you to design with cushion or not. The stool legs are designed with lengthwise pottery or wood.

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The price of pottery barn bar stools are various from $99 to $819. The price based on the models since each model has its own feature and material. Wooden stools or pottery barn is quite popular for your preference. The height is actually up to you based on the table if you need table for additional furniture beside this stool.


Here you can see the example like pottery barn stools eBay. It has various bar stools with incredibly durable, renewable and rich variation. You can design by yourself for your pottery barn bar stools with good materials. Make sure to prepare pottery barn knock off to set your best stools

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