Owens Corning Cultured Stone for Home Wall Design with Rocky Mountain View

For this stone wood house by BARRETT STUDIO architects, two main elements, Owens corning cultured stone and wood, are organized carefully. The stone is employed for wall and floor while the wood is for the vaulted ceiling with beams and furniture. Appears in this excellent combination of the materials, this house looks really impressive. It seems that the house does not need to have decorative items added to catch some attentions. owens corning toledo ohio

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The living room looks spacious in this vaulted style ceiling and looks attractive with rich of windows added. Wooden trims for the pillars, ceiling beams, windows frames and doors work with some pieces of wooden furniture, side table and coffee tables; create the living in stunning look. Then, combined with the stone floor, the Owens corning cultured stone looks complete. For the kitchen, stone and wood collaboration is completed with the granite countertop and metal molding so that it looks more fascinating. southern ledgestone

The powder room is with surprising addition of concrete top and sink for the vanity. It looks neat in perfect wall siding and serene with the wall lamp installed. To distinguish with the powder room, the master bathroom prefers to have stone wall. Wide wall mirror in one side and window vie in another side completes the bathroom interior. Industrial lighting is installed in the living room to accentuate the decorative sculpture on the corner of the vanity. owenscorning

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Besides the bathroom and the living room, almost all the rooms of this house are completed with glassy wall. A lots of windows added to this home is to give connection between this rocky house with the scenery of rocky mountain outside and this wood home with the wooded green environment surrounding. Supported by the windows existence, this stone wood house interior design with Owens corning cultured stone finds its best design balancing the environment owens corning canada

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