Small Bathtub Size Designs with Summer Vacation Incorporation

Bring back a portion of your summer vacation back into your home and build it into a tropical bathroom design with appropriate small bathtub size. simple bathroom designs for small spaces, ¬†Bathrooms are the first room everyone usually goes to after waking up, and the last to leave before finally plopping on to bed. Bathroom […]

Bathtub Shower Design Decorating Tips

What decorating elements can add a spark to a minimalist bathroom design which use bathtub shower design without having it to wreck the balance of that minimalism? Subtle decors! Some bathrooms, depending on the colors present, will require more decors that will stand out, such as shower curtains, rugs, soap bottles, and many more. Some […]

Bathub Mat Design for a New Bathroom Look

Description: bathtub mat design would be the best bathroom accessories for your bathroom interior because you could dry up your foot with this mat and it also become the bathroom interior decoration It is once again that time of the year when your bathroom needs a new shower curtain design and bathtub mat design. Browsing […]

Towel Storage Design Ideas for Small Bathroom Spaces

Bulky bathroom storage sets with towel storage design can make even the most spacious of bathroom space feel small. For a room that will collect ample amount of heat and water vapor, furnishing design that can help counter stuffiness is a necessity. Small, built-in, and multipurpose designs are great choices because not only do they […]