Black And White Bathroom Design Concept for Inspiring Ideas

Beautiful contemporary bathroom such as black and white bathroom has its own style for modern people. In this case, bathroom design is done by combining white and black or usually said as monochrome tone. All surfaces, such as wall, ceiling, and flooring surface, are designed in black and white textures. Ceramic bathtub in unique shape looks stunning, along with crystal chandelier hung above it. The sparkling look is then enhanced with side lamps attached to walls and next to a mirror in vanity area.

window-glaring-chandelier-flashy-white-bathroom-vanity-near-marble-countertop sleek-dark-laminate-flooring-in-sophisticated-bathroom-dark-sinks-also-dark-stainless-steel-faucets

A modern bathroom that is in the sleek finish of black and white bathroom floor tiles offers its best features to modern theme of the house. The White ceiling is added with star lamps, and then wall textures are created in two types which are the stone textured wall in the shower area, whereas rest area is in gray paint. Bathroom design ideas are decorated with a green plant inside black pot beautifying ceramic bathtub. Light wood panels look charming with dark brown vanity theme.

sinks-rustic-brick-wall-glaring-wall-lights-modern-wall-shelves-sleek-laminate-flooring minimalist-white-bathroom-vanity-stainless-steel-shower-in-tiny-shower-cabin-mosaic-wall-tile

Warm ambiance gets its maximum effect from granite stone installed on all surfaces, such as wall, ceiling, whereas marble stones are on flooring part. Ceramic bathtub placed in front of the mirror makes the dazzling effect as star lamps are surrounding it. Floating counter of vanity is chosen from wooden material to contrast bowl sinks on top. If contemporary style is preferred, then floating cabinets are made from light wood and topped with a thick glass surface for the counter.

sinks-rustic-brick-wall-glaring-wall-lights-modern-wall-shelves-sleek-laminate-flooring minimalist-bathroom-vanity-glaring-ceiling-lights-small-round-sofa-also-glass-coffee-table

Arabian design inspires designer for its majestic nuance and glamorous feeling. The rounded bathroom is surrounded by black marble stone and has four mini pillars, also from white marble. The White ceiling is molding in perfection with golden lines. Another concept for modern bathroom design ideas is from embedded bathtub on the textured floor and brown tiles. Blend all aspects with crystal chandelier, and keep in mind to spare space for shower area with glass partition. Glass windows for black and white bathroom ideas installed give airy feeling then.

lights-round-bathtub-near-canopy-sleek-marble-floor-eccentric-carpet-flashy-red-curtain indoor-plant-modern-glass-door-glaring-pendant-light-flashy-white-bathroom-vanity

gravels-also-fresh-indoor-plants-compact-bathroom-vanity-sleek-glass-wall-rustic-wood-floor glamorous-chandelier-large-mirror-in-dark-frame-floating-bathroom-vanity-artistic-bathroom-mat

bathtub-cushy-leopard-stool-wood-bathroom-vanity-classic-wall-lights bathtub-also-sleek-shower-enclosure-clean-white-ceramic-floor-lovely-flower-near-dark-chair


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