Bathub Mat Design for a New Bathroom Look

Description: bathtub mat design would be the best bathroom accessories for your bathroom interior because you could dry up your foot with this mat and it also become the bathroom interior decoration

It is once again that time of the year when your bathroom needs a new shower curtain design and bathtub mat design. Browsing at the store for this decorative piece is always a very fun one. Difficulty in choosing will be met, yes, but the imagination that runs alongside each design is always entertaining. Curtain showers bring a good cheer into the bathroom, especially if it is colorful and creatively patterned. Below are four eye-catching designs from Macys, SEARS, R. Delean Designs, and Jonathan Adler that may be suitable for your bathing space.

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Macys Peacock Shower Curtain is a vibrant and abstract curtain shower design which also produces the bamboo bathtub mat design. The shower curtain design ideas are printed with an abstract pattern of peacock feathers. Vibrant blue colors are combined with whites, yellows, and blacks to evoke deep color contrasts as well as distinctive patterns. For a vivid design that stands out to the eyes, the Peacock Shower Curtain is a great start.

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If natural and organic designs are what suit you, the Essential Home PEVA Shower Curtain from SEARS is a good design to look at. The PVC curtain has a soft pastel backdrop and several differently colored prints of tree silhouettes; thus, giving the trees the impression of distance. The natural pastel colors used in the background, combined with the differently colored silhouettes create a sensation of calmness and serenity.

Another design that is a great addition to the bathroom is the Sky Fabric Shower Curtain from R. Delean Designs. The Sky Fabric Shower Curtain features a blue sky and a heart shaped cloud over a tree top. This photograph has been altered in color filter to provide the design with a retro feeling.

If retro designs are what you are searching for, try the classic Fish Scales Shower Curtain by Jonathan Adler. This print design is a popular designs among curtains especially those from the mid-20th century era; thus giving a retro quality. The bathroom shower curtain ideas with cushioned bathtub mat design show the mounting of fish scale patterns against a white background

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