Bathroom Hook Rack from Up-Cycled Home Material

Changing the look of your bathroom such as the bathroom hook rack doesn’t always need a drastic makeover; small installation replacements such replacing your towel racks has already created a whole new impression. There are many different design options that can replace those leveled shelving. Among the many are the application and redecoration of your towel hooks, and storage spaces using materials that are easily found at home. The best part of it is, it doesn’t have to be expensive because many of these can be done handmade at home with materials that you can find in your home.


Towel hooks for bathroom hook rack needs so much lesser place to apply than shelves. All they need are a few centimeter spaces on the wall, making them a great replacement for towel racks for bathroom. With its multipurpose function, towel hooks can not only hang towels and clothes, but even baskets or bags. A few decorating ideas for your tower hooks are by adding small origami or clay flower sculpture at its corner or hook top, laminating it with a wallpaper, or tying it to one another with a cord to create a tower hanger.

Remodeling materials from home is a functional way to up-cycle old materials. Stack unused crates or cans from your garage and they can function very well as a rustic themed towel rack and other storage space. Adding wood planks to the ladder steps creates an open shelving compartment for basket placements, towels, racks, as well as a hanger. How about those garden pot holders? Have them repainted to have a gorgeous beside-the-bath tub rack for you to place your towels.

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The best part of all this is, none of the materials need to be purchased. These are unused materials lying about your home that you thought of throwing away. Don’t. With just a little extra effort, these scrap materials can become a beautiful towel racks, bathroom hook rack and towel shelves bathroom decoration

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