Art Hanging Systems for Luxury and Contemporary Room Concept

The art hanging systems tends to minimalist concept and modern furnishing layout. This furnishing usually uses become one model with sherry bottle storage. This furnishing concept is planned uses square timber style and silver metal chain model to put glass. This furnishing can be applied for contemporary room, eclectic room, and Mediterranean room.


This furnishing can be decorated using wooden stuff and simple decor. The art hanging systems come from famous interior house designer can give futuristic appearance entire room. Your contemporary basement can be applied use wood suspended glass shelf. This furnishing is planned uses become one model with kitchen island style. This furnishing placed on the ceiling side of Kitchen Island uses dark wood style and silver metal chain model. Your contemporary kitchen can get stylish glass shelf display use silver steel stuff. The silver steel shelf without door placed on the creamy concrete wall to take simple furnishing appearance. picture hanging height

The minimalist suspended glass shelf can be applied for wooden eclectic kitchen. This utensil is designed using become one model with kitchen cabinet mounted style to create minimalist appearance. The chic glass suspended on the geometric timber shelf model. You can also get minimalist suspended glass style for white eclectic room. This utensils is planned uses olive green slim rectangle foundation model and dark brown timber round model for buffer glass style. hanging pictures height


The elegant Mediterranean room can be decorated using dark wood suspend glass shelf model. This shelf is designed using become one model with timber kitchen cabinet mounted. The Mediterranean wine cellar can be applied uses creamy timber suspended glass shelf model to get stylish furnishing decor. This furnishing is planned become one model with honey comb sherry bottle storage. The ghost furnishing style can be decorated for suspended glass shelf model on modern kitchen display. This furnishing is planned uses single suspended glass shelf model separated with kitchen cabinet area. The sand brown timber style can be applied for horizontal buffer side includes silver metal chain style to get simple furnishing. picture hanging height

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